About Us

Skyview Capital Limited was incorporated on February 22, 2008 as a Limited Liability Company with main objects which include amongst others:

"To undertake and carry on all or any of the trades and businesses of stock brokers, dealers, corporate investment and financial portfolio managers, registrars, trustees and to apply and register as an active player in the Nigerian Stock Exchange"

Beyond this, Skyview also intends to carve a niche in the highly sophisticated and emerging opportunities in the Nigerian Capital market through unparalleled quality service to its prospects and clients. Accordingly, the company was duly licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange in March 2008 to carry out the above objects and consequently registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission as Broker/Dealer on April 29, 2009 having satisfied all statutory and regulatory conditions.

Skyview Capital seeks to challenge the status quo in terms of quality service delivery in an already robust market and will effectively emerge as one of Nigeria's leading investment banks within the next five years.

To achieve these objectives, Skyview Capital has put together a team of highly dedicated, adaptable and flexible young people with the right attitude, skills, knowledge and character to deliver quality service in a challenging business environment.


With an authorized share capital of N1.1billion, Skyview Capital is adequately capitalized to take advantage of opportunities presented by the robust Nigerian Capital market.

Our Mission Statement

Wealth Creation. Innovativeness. Strength. Extraordinary Results.

Skyview Capital Limited will re-define the whole concept of wealth creation through exploiting current and emerging opportunities in the Capital Market to the benefit of our discerning clients. This is deliberate! New innovations served with the highest level of efficiency and coupled with a strong financial base will enable our clients enjoy maximum benefits from their partnership with Skyview.

As our name (Skyview) implies; We see beyond the ordinary; Hence, we are poised to deliver Extra Ordinary Results.

Vision Statement

"To become Nigeria's leading investment bank and a global benchmark for quality customer service delivery"


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