Android P Official Stock Wallpapers In Full HD Resolution

Download Android P Stock Wallpapers pack of all 18 full-HD resolution images on any Android smartphone for free. Android P developer preview is released for Google Pixel smartphone. This Android P developer preview is the made available around the same time the Android Oreo developer preview was released last year. Though it may seem a long time ago but hardly any major Android OEM has pushed official Android Oreo updates yet. So far only the users of Pixel and Nexus devices have received the official Oreo update. Others are still waiting to get the update from the their Android smartphone manufacturers. Android P is available only on a handful of handsets. But that hasn’t stopped developers from cracking its code to release the Android P stock wallpapers for anyone to use on their phone free of charge. You can download Android P official stock wallpapers from the link below in the form of a zip file or get them directly onto your device by clicking on the thumbnail image of your favorite wallpaper.

android p wallpapers free download

If you’re waiting for the official Android P update for your Android phone to get these wallpapers, we would advice you to quit waiting and go ahead download stock wallpaper images manually. This is because we haven’t heard any official update release date from any of the major Android device manufacturers so far, which is common in the Android world. But Android P Developer Preview, available only on selected phones, has made it possible, among many other things, to get new Android P wallpapers. You can download them directly here.

What’s New In Android P?

Android P’s biggest feature is its support for notch on Android phones, similar to the one on iPhone X. It may not pleasure everyone out there, but that’s where the smartphone trend is pointing. It won’t be a surprise to see the notch on the upcoming flagship smartphones from Google. Many Android OEMs have already embraced the notch concept barring a few exceptions, such as Samsung, HTC, and Sony, but for how long they’ll stick to their guns is anyone’s guess.

Another big improvement in the Android P firmware is the revamped notification and quick configuration redesign. They seem more intuitive, animated and simpler than their previous versions. Here is a screenshot for illustration purpose.

android p notifications
Source: The Verge

Beside notification, the configuration center has undergone significant design change, which i personally like more than the support for the top-notch. The interface looks cleaner; it has vibrant colors, appears cleaner with round icons. See this image for yourself.

android p configuration

Apart from this, not much has changed under-the-hood, which is a good thing as it would have caused unnecessary confusion while increasing the learning curve that comes with every major redesigned firmware. In previous Android Oreo, the power menu was shifted from the center to the side, adjusting it along the power button, to make it easier to access. In Android P, the power menu has a new screen capture option. Similarly, volume rockers have been given a face-lift.

android p power menu and volume buttons

Download Android P Stock Wallpapers

Now back to our main topic, which is the Official Stock Wallpapers of Android P. The wallpapers that come with the Android P firmware look great on modern smartphone screens. There are 18 wallpapers in 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. They have a 16:9 aspect ratio. You can download them directly by clicking on their thumbnail below or click on the download link for zip file.

Download Android P Stock

Enjoy these wallpapers and do share these with friends to spread the joy. Stay tuned for more awesome wallpapers for PC and mobile.

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