How To Disable Feedback Frequency On Windows 10

Microsoft new feedback frequency option made its way into the Windows 10 experience with the April 2018 Creators Update build number 1803. The Windows 10 2018 major update is full of new features, better performance tweaks, additions to already existing functions, and much more. The world’s biggest PC operating system is more stable than ever before. However, there is one feature many are finding annoying: the “Feedback Frequency”. It is easy to turn off Feedback Frequency on Windows 10 as is explained in this post.

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Those who are taking to social media to complain about the feedback frequency setting in the new 1803 and later updates say that it is automatically set up by the system and can’t be disabled. This has something to do with the Windows Insider Program.

Basically this feature is incorporated in the Windows 10 to alert users to give feedback and send diagnostic and additional information directly to Microsoft. Like other companies, Microsoft uses this information to improve the operating system by weeding out issues effecting user experience.

However, like any setting in the Windows OS, it can be disabled easily to notch the request frequency down to a manageable level. Do note that those registered with the Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program may not have the option to opt out of the feedback requests since the whole point of testing betas is to find bugs and report them to the company so that they can be removed before the eventual release to users. But forcing the same on non-beta testers seems a stretch on software giant’s part.

The said issue is being reported even on devices not linked to the Windows Insider Build program. What’s more, this problem is happening regardless of the latest Windows 10 update is installed on a PC or not.

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There is a good news for all those encountering this issue as a cumulative update has been issued to resolve this problem. You can grab the update from here, and install it manually. It’s about installing the following command line instance once the .cab file has been downloaded:

dism /online /add-package /packagepath:%homepath%\downloads\

This should solve the problem for anyone outside the Windows Insider program and who is having this setting at Settings > Privacy > Diagnostic & Feedback grayed out.

Once downloaded, this option will not longer be grayed out and you can manage it to adjust the feedback frequency on your device.

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