How To Install A Fresh Copy Of Windows 10 Without Bloatware

If you’re planning to set up a new PC, follow the instructions in this tutorial to clean install Windows 10 with no bloatware. Official Windows 10 copy comes with bloatware which as opposed to speeding up PC performance furthers slows down the system. This effect magnifies especially on devices that have outdated hardware.

That said, we are going to explain a simple method to help you fresh install Windows 10 and set up a new PC free from all trialware or bloatware.

install fresh copy of windows 10

Windows 10 has the reset feature to reinstalls operating system when your computer is encountering issues. It also comes in handy when you want to set up a new device to wipe out your data before selling it.

Although this is a convenient option, it reinstalls the manufacturer’s copy of the official OS image that may also push bloatware and trialware. The other way to get around this issue is to manually install windows 10.

Why Clean Install Windows 10?

When you buy a new Windows 10 PC, the preinstalled copy of the operating system on it carries many promotions, advertisements, trial offers of products and other bloatware. Using the “Reset Your PC” won’t clean these junks programs from your system. This is where the “Fresh Start” feature becomes useful as it allows you to reinstall Windows 10 using an official image from Microsoft.

In the following guide, you’ll learn the steps to easily install Windows 10 using the clean installation files from Microsoft rather than the factory image of the operating system from the manufacturer of your device.

Important Note: This method is predicated on an assumption that you’re about to set up a new computer without any personal data on it. Although the reset process keeps your files intact but backup all personal data before starting as a precautionary step. This method also removes all the default manufacturer programs. So you will have to reinstall any previously installed custom drivers manually once the set up is complete.

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How To Install Windows 10 Without Bloatware:

In this step by step guide, you will learn the process to set up PC Windows 10 without bloatware. The method removes all the default configurations, including custom configurations, bloatware, and unnecessary apps.

Step 1 – Go to Settings > Windows Security.

Step 2 – Click on Device performance & health.

Step 3 – Under the “Fresh start” section, click the Additional info option.

windows 10 security fresh install

Step 4 – On the next “Fresh start” screen, click the Get started button.

get fresh windows 10 copy

Step 5 – Read the warning message on the Fresh start screen and hit the Next button.

fresh start

Step 6 – Next up, you will see a list of apps that will be removed from the system.

win 10 fresh start setup

Step 7 – In the end, hit the Start button to begin the windows 10 fresh start setup process.

fresh start win 10

That’s all. After completing the above steps sit back and wait for the system to execute all the installation files in order to get the operating system up and running for you. Your device will restart several times during the process, so don’t panic, this is normal behavior.

Wrap Up

Once the fresh Windows 10 copy is installed, you can start using it without bloatware. All your personal data will be in the same original state as before. But create a backup in any case just to be on the safe side.

After the setup, you will have to configure your settings all over again. Also reinstall apps, third-party security tools or antivirus, Office suite, and needed drivers (if they’re picked up by the operating system after the fresh install).

But if you want to go all out and perform a clean install of Windows 10 from scratch, you can set up Windows 10 using a bootable USB drive. Do leave your feedback in the comments below.

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