How To Unlock YouTube’s Hidden Features [Tips and Tricks]

Follow useful tips and tricks in this post to enhance your online sessions on YouTube. The world’s biggest video platform that plenty of useful features, but surprisingly enough not many know about some of the amazing hidden YouTube features. In this article, we are going explain how to unlock hidden features on YouTube mobile app on iOS and Android. The following five hidden features of YouTube help enhance your viewing pleasure.

unlock youtube hidden features

If you can tear yourself away from YouTube‘s endless array of cat clips and viral sensations, you’ll find the internet’s portal to video bliss has a number of cool features you didn’t know existed.

These features will make your next binge session more enjoyable, entertaining and engaging. You don’t even have to watch any other YouTube tutorial to find out how after reading this guide. Just follow these handy tips to unlock YouTube’s hidden features.

Enable A Quality Stream

There’s an easy way to improve the quality of your desired videos – simply tap the three dot menu icon in the upper right corner then press ‘Quality’. Here you can tweak the video quality, ramping it up to 720p, 1080p, UHD, 4K or wherever the individual clips caps out. In the YouTube app for Android TV sets, click ‘OK’ button on remote control, you’ll then see More Options to the left of on-screen previous, play and forward buttons.

change stream quality youtube

Hide Your History

We know this is the hidden feature you were really hoping to find. For all the YouTube videos you proudly share with friends there are other you’d rather people didn’t know you’ve been watching. Fortunately, you can hide the embarrassing evidence, if you know where to look.

open settings youtube

clear watch history youtube

Rewind Shortcut

We’ve all experienced trying to rewind a YouTube video, clumsily dragging our finger across the play bar, accidentally jumping back four minutes rather than four seconds. There is an easier way: while watching a video, double tapping the left side of the screen will instantly jump the video back 10 seconds, letting you relive that crucial moment.

Want to fast forward? Just double tap the right side of the play window to move forward 10 seconds. You can customize this skip time, too, by tapping Settings > Double-tap to seek and picking anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds.

rewind forward shortcut youtube

Turn YouTube Work-Friendly

There are some videos that it would be unwise to accidentally share with the wider office. So it’s best to remove the chance of this happening by tapping Settings > Restricted Mode and flicking the slider across to the on position. This will remove videos that have been flagged for inappropriate content.

restricted mode youtube

Adjust Playback Speed To Slow Or Fast

Whether you’re watching to relive the impact of an #epicfail classic or make that handy tutorial video even easier to follow, slowing down a video can be a big help. It’s surprisingly easy, too.

playback speed youtube

adjust playback speed youtube

So these are some of the useful hidden feature that you will find on YouTube. Now enjoy videos on the biggest video portal on web even more using these features that most don’t know about. Try these and don’t forget to share this post with friends. Stay tuned for more great guides, tech tips and tricks.