Clash Royale Best Decks For Winning 2v2 Battles

Here’s everything you need to know about the best decks for winning 2v2 battles in Clash Royale. Clash Royale is among the most downloaded games on Android and iOS platforms. It has withstood the test of time, there is no sign of its popularity abating anytime soon. One reason this game is the favorite of millions is the 2V2 Team Battles where players work as a team to take on others from around the world. Learn how to win 2V2 in Clash Royale using Sparky Giant Deck (Sparky 2v2 Decks), Lava Hound Deck, Golem Wizards Deck and Giant Hog Deck. This post is intended to help you easily win the team battles in CR.

best 2v2 decks for clash royale

The biggest mistake most players commit in 2V2 Team Battles is that they do not follow the general rules of engagement thus end up losing the battles in Clash Royale. Here are the tips and tricks that can be used to form winning strategies to win the team battles.

Clash Royale Team Battles – Tips & Tricks

  • At the start of the match, wait for your opponent’s move. Sometimes it’s better let the other player(s) take the first shot.
  • Always use the suitable troops. Deploy the right troops for the situation. Refrain from using the Pekka to counter the small enemy troops.
  • Be careful about the placement of your troops on the board. For example, if you are using witch, place it in the corner of your side as it can spawn skeleton which can be helpful to your troops.
  • Stay calm. Overreaction could spell disaster if your opponent is using minions. Let your towers take care of minions instead of wasting elixir. Plan your attack before entering battles.
  • You can see your partner’s troops by tapping on his/her icon on the screen, it shows which troops your team member is going to use. So you can use this information to plan what to do next.
  • Support your teammate if he or she initiates the attack.

These are some of the general rules for winning team battles. Now let’s learn about the best decks you can use for winning 2v2 team battles in Clash Royale.

Sparky Giant Deck (Sparky 2v2 Decks)

sparky giant deck

Sparky Giant Deck is one of the best decks for winning 2v2 battles. If you’re looking for the most reliable deck to enhance your chances of winning, look no further than the Sparky 2v2 decks. This deck is effective to take the sparky to the towers. Moreover, the witch it spawns can cause significant damage.

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During the match, you can hold the sparky for unleashing your main attack and use the giant as the backup option for secondary attack complete with units of dragon and mega minion.

If you think that during the match your teammate has enough resources to support the minion, don’t hesitate to use the sparky in that situation.

Golem Wizards Deck

golem wizards deck

Golem Wizards Deck is another useful deck. It consists of Prince and Elite Barbarians. When deployed the dragon, Tornado and zap will assist you to destroy your target.

The best aspect of this deck is that you can use two troops, i.e., Prince and Golem to start your attacking move. This gives you more room to use other options during your attacks.

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Moreover, your partners can also use their troops with your deck in order to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. If your partner has troops like wizard, witch or ice it will add to the overall effectiveness of this deck.

Giant Hog Deck

giant hog deck

Giant Hog Deck is my personal favorite. This deck has everything you would need to win team battles. This deck may not be suitable for single player battles, but it works perfectly in team matches. There won’t be any stopping you when Giant Skeleton joins forces with Valkyrie.

Valkyrie will destroy ground troops, zap and fireball will deal with air troops. Whereas the Giant skeleton is great for attacking and pushing, which clears the area really quickly.

You can use it for carrying out your main attacks as well as a pusher. The inferno tower is effective in defending your positions. Goblin Barrel and hog rider can be winning cards here if you use them at the right time and moment during team battles.

Lava Hound Deck

lava hound deck

Lava Hound Deck is very useful if you want to win team battles in Clash Royale. It’s mainly comprised of air troops. Furthermore, it has great hit points. You and your partner can work together to make the Lava Hound the center of your attack.

Fire spirits and skeletons hold off the swarm attack. Minion and their hordes can play an important role in this deck. Minion horde are good at destroying towers which makes it a likely winning card if your opponent doesn’t have their counter cards like fireball and arrows.

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Miner can also be effective in winning battles. On its own, this deck works great but when your partner merges their troops with yours, this deck becomes an all conquering beast.

Final Words

So these are the best Clash Royal decks for 2v2 team battles. These decks can be of great use to you if you are looking for an easy way to win 2v2 battle in clash royale. But the only way these decks work effectively is when you work as a team with your partner, playing solo won’t unpack the full potential of these decks. So what do you think about these decks and how did they help you in team battles? Share your views in the comments section.

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