How To Play PUBG Mobile In 60fps On iOS Devices

PUBG Mobile related endless stream of complains seems to have abated somewhat recently. Initially, the mobile version of the hit Battle Royale PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND was marred by constant errors and bugs, especially on Android platform, but since then developers have worked hard to ensure smooth operation on variety of mobile devices. However, PUBG MOBILE stills lacks many of the features available on its console and PC versions, chief among which is the inability to play in PUBG MOBILE 60fps mode. If you’re an owner of an iPhone or iPad that’s been jailbroken, we have a good news for you. It is now possible to unlock PUBG Mobile 60 frames-per-second mode on iOS and enjoy the action like never before on your smartphone or tablet.

pubg mobile 60 fps

PUBG community is fast growing in number. Players of mobile game are bringing all sorts of solutions to the table in order to bring it on par with the desktop and Xbox version of the game. There is no shortage of creatives devising solutions to enhance their playing experience and gain a bit of an edge over others.

One way of doing it is to tweak the game ever so slightly. Higher frames per second in games not only provide superior visuals, they also reduce eyestrain, as well as help spot and aim at rivals from far away.


If your iOS device is jailbroken, it has become easy to achieve this on the mobile PUBG game. Moreover, it doesn’t break any official PUBG rules, so there is no danger of your account getting terminated by developers. A few players had tried to unlock 60fps on non-jailbroken device but suffered severe consequences in the form of their account getting officially blocked. However, there is no such issue on jailbreak iOS devices.

pubg mobile 60fps

So In order to get PUBG MOBILE FPS at a 60fps, make sure your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken. Then, follow the steps below.

Grab your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Head into the Cydia repo and download an app called Anywhere!–虚拟定位. Now launch the application and select iPhone 8 as the device. After than, select PUBG Mobile as the app and close the main app.

Now launch PUBG mobile on your device. You should now see a new Extreme FPS option in the settings. Select it and you are all set. This should enable stable 60fps in PUBG Mobile. This gives better graphics and playing experience.

Also note that app also has options to use cheats in the game, do so will surely result in a ban, so stay away from unauthorized tricks while playing PUBG Mobile. Share it with friends to spread the word.

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